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You probably think you know what incentives are and how they work - or don't work. You're probably wrong. Incentives are almost never simple, easy, or predictable. Incentive programs are minefields for management and excruciating for employees. This week Kevin and Julian take a hard look at why incentive programs are a bad idea, and how they fail.

The show notes are still in production (i.e. I'm still writing the essay) and will be posted very soon.

There Is Hope.

For now, I'll just say that we believe traditional incentive programs are a dangerous and damaging practice that should be avoided. Careful use of actual incentives, on the other hand, is a great idea, and can be very effective.

Production Notes

We're getting better at conversing instead of monologueing. What didn't get better was posting this show on time. I was in a cabin in the woods of West Virginia with some great folks from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, and Internet connectivity was not so good. I wasn't able to upload the video anywhere. Also, I had to learn a whole new editing workflow using iPad Pro instead of my great big beast of a machine back home. I have that down now though, and have already started the post production on episode 7 while in Washington DC.

Thanks to Proper Simon for reading out our closing credits.

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Show notes will be posted very soon.

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Each week Kevin Brennan and Julian Sammy talk about organizational change failures and failures to change. They explore doomed attempts to adapt to our changing world, what was messed up, and how disaster could have been avoided. They connect ideas that don't seem related at first glance, reframe the problems, and consider strategies and mindsets that you can apply in your organization.

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