Posted by Julian Sammy - 2016-05-13 11:00:00

This week is the first episode, and it's a beta (production isn't perfect yet). Kevin and Julian cover a lot of ground looking at how organizations can succeed at business transformation today, and how to change the way they change to avoid change failures and failures to change. Future episodes are more tightly focused on single topics, and usually run 20-40 minutes.

Each week, Kevin Brennan and Julian Sammy talk about organizational change failures and failures to change. They explore doomed attempts to adapt to our changing world, what was messed up, and how disaster could have been avoided. They connect ideas that don't seem related at first glance, reframe the problems, and consider strategies and mindsets that you can apply in your organization.

They enjoy feedback. You can comment below, on Twitter @ChgFAIL, on our Facebook page (, or our website If you want to reach them directly, they are on Twitter @BAKevin and @SCI_BA.

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