Kevin Brennan

Business Transformation Consultant

Twitter: @BAKevin
email: Kevin@Change.FAIL
LinkedIn: BAKevin
Facebook: Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan is a business transformation architect who helps clients achieve their business goals through business strategy, business process management and architecture, and business analysis. He has been a leader in the business analysis community for over a decade, as a member of IIBA's board and executive team and shepherding the BABOK Guide through three major releases. Kevin was a member of the PMBOK 5th Edition content development team, worked with the Agile Alliance to develop a framework and guidelines for agile business analysis, and served on the board of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Associations (FEAPO).

Kevin has led organizations through strategic and business unit planning and execution, played a leadership role in enterprise change, developed and launched multiple products for a global audience, and managed a product portfolio through the entire product lifecycle. As a business analyst and project manager, he has worked on business process improvement and adaptive case management initiatives and software development projects using agile, iterative, and waterfall methodologies. He has a B.A. in History and Political Science from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of Second City's Improv Comedy program.

Julian Sammy

Strategy Design
Thinky Person

Twitter: @SCI_BA
email: Julian@Change.FAIL
LinkedIn: JulianSammy
Facebook: J.Julian.V.Sammy

A passion for understanding the relationships among human behaviours and technologies has driven Julian’s investigation of purpose-driven business performance. His insights result from an exploration of the science behind decisions and motivations, including behavioural psychology, behavioural economics, information theory, and even magic. His systems model of performance integrates this evidence with practical experience in business strategy and organizational change, forming a framework for finding and moving change levers.

Julian has applied these principles in his own career, developing a collaborative approach to leadership and change. This has provoked surprising discoveries including the Business Analysis Core Concept Model — a work central to business analysis and the BABOK® Guide. He particularly enjoys leading teams of volunteers, as he did when Head of Research and Innovation for IIBA.

As a thought leader and communicator Julian has written and spoken extensively on business analysis and business value, including keynotes, corporate strategies, webinars, presentations, consultations, articles, blogs, and books. His Dangerous Questions series includes The Project Problem, The Dangerous Question, Gold From Garbage, and The Expectation of Loss. His newest keynote is The Cyborg in the Mirror, exploring the effects of technology on the future of business and business value.