Failed Changes.

Many changes fail despite people attempting to do everything 'right'. There are a lot of reasons for this, but a surprising number boil down to a failure to effectively account for human nature. Many other changes are doomed by simplistic assessment of complex organizational systems.

Reframe Reality.

There are many techniques and strategies that are supposed to make changes successful. They're fine, in themselves, except they don't work in themselves. They need to be used in context, and applied with a deep and systemic understanding of how organizations work.

Failure To Change.

Organizations must adapt to survive in changing markets, but many do not. All too often they don't even get started. By inattention, incompetence, or inaction, leaders can miss the need for change - or they may lack the power or will to make change.

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You think you understand incentives. You're probably wrong. Incentive programs are minefields for management and excruciating for employees.

We're not your normal consultants.

Sure, we can solve your obvious problems (if you give us the power and budget to do so) but that probably won't solve your real problems. We guide you through disentangling the wicked problems. While we help you overcome this challenge we teach you how to define and resolve the next one on your own.

The capacity to reframe the situation, to see the underlying forces that bind and trap the organization - this is where we can help.